Путешествия по Алтаю со SkiBike
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We have lived everywhere
and nowhere!
You could say our home
is Planet Earth - or to be
a little more precise
the alluring Altai Region
of Russia and its village
of Manzherok.
A very beautiful and
magical place along
the Katun river.

We have built our lives and our homes here. With great pleasure, we would like to make your vacation an unforgettable experience filled with beauty and positive energy.


know the founders of our club, but do not know those who inspired them. We keep transforming spirituallyб as we move through our ‘human experience.’

SkiBike was founded in 2004 with the goal to unite those who love to travel off the beaten path – gaining new experiences and reaching new heights in their personnel and physical development. Our life paths’ are founded on health, fitness, adventure, new experiences and knowledge. We are continually in motion advancing both our bodies and souls.

Our team is international – Russia, USA, Belgium – and includes adults and children. We are united by our energy and friendship. As a team, we possess knowledge of many different sports and have travel across the world.

We travel by foot, bicycle, car, boat, train, airplanes and helicopters and even in our sleep. We have been on all the continents and even in the Artic.

Travel to The Altai Mountains

We are avid athletes and certified trainers in Nordic skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, triathlon and running. We keep healthy by consuming only life food and water (vegetarian and raw food diets).

to our


Us positive professionals
unforgettable vacation
The Altai, Russia

Дмитрий Ермолов

Dmitry Ermolov

snowboarding, cross-country skiing, table tennis, mountain biking, Altai

Galina Ermolova

Galina Ermolova

skiing, triathlon, cross-country skiing, Altai