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Chulushman River Valley (great trip!!)

PRICE 19 000 rubles / per person

Level of Difficulty
Length of Trip
4 days / 3 nights
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“When you see the first waterfall, you started frantically taking photographs, but then a little while later, you understand that there are so many beautiful sites, that they can not even be counted.”

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During the drive, you just get mesmerized by the views!

  • According to National Geographic, Chuiskiy Trakt is one of the top 10 most beautiful roads in the world.
  • Along the way, you pass through Semenskiy and Chiki-Taman mountain passes. The feeling of being as free as a bird overcomes you.
  • The collision of two rivers – Chui and Katun. The point where they merge is very evident given that the water in the Chu is brown and the Katun is emerald color.
  • White Bom (the white cliff), Shirlak waterfall, Red Gate (very old passage through the cliff wall), and the Cheybekkol, Taldukol, Sorulukol, Uzunkol, Chagakol and Balyktukol lakes.
  • The Katu-Yaryk mountain pass.
  • The stone mushrooms formation – Akkurum,
  • Uchar – the main Chulchinsky waterfall and the largest cascading waterfall in the Altai and Siberia with a total drop of more than 160 meters. A grand view!

We have been here many times and can honestly say that the trip is not just to see the Uchar waterfall.  The whole area is incredibly beautiful and for four days you will feel like you are in another world – as if you are playing the main role in J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’.


All included:  Transport, meals, recreational fees, river crossing fees (boat ride across river), SkiBike guide.


Day 1

Leave Manzherok and drive along the Chuiskiy Tract. The road will take us through the Seminsky and Chike-Taman mountain passes.  We will have lunch at the merger of the Chui and Katun river – a sacred place in the Altai.  Visits to Red Gate and Dead Lake.  Hike 3 km up to the lookout above the Ulaganskoye Lake.

Diner and overnight by the river.

Day 2

As we continue our journey to the canyon via the Pusirikckiye burial mounds and the Kati-Yarik mountain pass, you will understand how wonderful the world really is.

Lunch and a hike to the Stone Mushrooms (6 km).  Dinner and overnight by the river Chulishman

Day 3

Hike to the largest waterfall in Russia. Fruit lunch near the waterfall. Dinner and overnight by the river Chulishman. Total hike for the day – 16 km.

Day 4

Trip back to Manzherok. The drive is just as spectacular going in the opposite direction.  On the way, we will take short stops to see waterfalls, rivers, bridges and memorials. We return to Manzherok at 8 p.m.

Tents. Quality tents ands sleeping bags provided. Plus opportunities to charge your mobile devices.

Food is prepared on a portable gas burner.  The menu is usually tailored to our guests needs.  We use only products grown in the Altai -an ecologically clean region of the world.  Products include natural (hand-collected) herbal teas, dried fruits, fruit, sandwiches, Altai honey (famous throughout Russia).  If you need a raw food or a vegetarian diet, we can accommodate that being that we also follow raw food and/or vegetarian diets.

Don’t forget:

  • sun protection cream
  • wool socks
  • flashlight
  • hiking books
  • sandals / flip-flops
  • cameras
  • appropriate hiking apparel including a windbreaker and layered clothing (including warm midlayer)
  • hat
  • extra underwear and socks
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